AcUIty for North America

Discover an unemployment insurance (UI) computing system that is flexible enough to comply with federal requirements while meeting the regional and local needs of your individual state.

Keep Pace with Modern UI Computing

Today, state unemployment insurance agencies face high unemployment, reduced budgets and outdated technologies. Many attempts at modernizing business processes have failed, often compromising the ability to pay claimants or accurately assess and collect taxes.

Efficient, Resilient and Cost-Effective

AcUIty brings you a highly sophisticated web-based solution backed by an advanced rules-based architecture. This means changes to regulation and government policy can be integrated immediately, without any need for complex software development or technical skillsets. The AcUIty engine:
  • Resolves issues without human intervention
  • Reduces overpayments by verifying claims before issuing payment
  • Supports self-service by providing online data sources to employers and claimants
  • Boosts performance through an integrated tax, benefits and appeals database
  • Supports your transition to a paperless environment

A Dedicated Team Backed by Successful Implementations

Our UI capability is comprehensive and features over 100 dedicated UI consultants. Agencies in Montana, Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana and Nevada have already implemented various component products. Based on information provided by these states, one or more has experienced approximately:
  • 80% reduction in issue backlogs
  • $1.5 million reduction in annual operational costs
  • 75% increase in data accuracy
  • 20% increase in staff time to focus on value-added services 


To learn how AcUIty can help you modernize your UI IT system, contact Brian Bennett today.
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