Agile Legacy Lifecycle in Collaboration with IBM®

Agile Legacy Lifecycle is a revolutionary solution to bring your legacy applications up-to-date by combining IBM products with Capgemini methods. We unlock the power of your investments in mission-critical legacy applications, improving business agility, and reducing cost and risk.

Agile Legacy Lifecycle 5 Stages: Doing What Is Right for You

Business Agility While Reducing Costs and Time-to-Market

With our Agile Legacy Lifecycle approach, Capgemini brings you a culture of continuous evolution using IBM technology and software. We commit to delivering you tangible results, in some cases reducing operational expenditure by more than 35%.

We implement a “modernize-to-improve,” non-stop service at a transparent cost, avoiding major up-front investment and leveraging existing intellectual investment. To address the complexity and risk of managing legacy applications, we use step-by-step modernization methods without disrupting your business. The process increases business agility in your legacy estate, reducing time-to-market and delivery.

Modernization no longer means you have to get rid of your existing legacy applications and platforms. IBM provides a comprehensive set of software solutions to automate and modernize your applications even on non-IBM code bases. Regardless of your platform, we bring 21st-century methods to your legacy applications, realizing numerous benefits such as continuous integration and iterative delivery.

The Right Tools and Partner for your Modernization Project

Agile Legacy Lifecycle is part of Capgemini’s revolutionary Application Lifecycle Services approach, designed to deliver productivity, flexibility and business impact. Covering the full application lifecycle, these services are built around the notion of value-driven, continuous rationalization.

Our cyclic approach to Agile Legacy Lifecycle combines our unique set of specialist skills, global delivery capabilities, and industrialized tools and processes. We draw on expertise from our Agile Legacy Lifecycle centers of excellence, located within our global network of accelerated delivery centers, and equipped with the IBM Rational tools necessary to provide ready-to-roll environments.

IBM and Rational are trademarks of IBM, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

IBM Technology and Capgemini Expertise

Capgemini has the breadth and experience to define and deliver a modernization program that reduces operating costs and time-to-market and delivery. Our solution is based on the collective expertise in both application services and IBM technology of more than 40,000 practitioners working for 8,000 clients worldwide.

With 40 years’ experience in application landscape management, we have built a range of accelerators and enablers:

  • The Wide-angle Application Rationalization Program (WARP), which provides a scan of your application portfolio and identifies areas with the highest potential for modernization
  • Over 30 application development and service centers worldwide
  • Dedicated modernization centers and facilities to demonstrate our Agile Legacy Lifecycle approach

Capgemini has the breadth, experience and ability to not only define a modernization program, but also to deliver against it. We are delighted to be working with them on this compelling customer offering using award-winning software from IBM Rational®.

Harish GramaVice President
IBM Rational® Product Development
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