Accelerate to Simplify Your IT Landscape

Create a simplified, flexible, agile and business-aligned IT environment: aOneSAP leverages our global expertise and industrialized tools to accelerate the transformation of your SAP landscape.

Keeping up with a Constantly Changing Global Business Landscape

Today’s organizations must be able to quickly adapt business strategies to a variety of internal and external environmental factors, including:
  • Changing consumer expectations
  • Evolving business models
  • Technology dynamics

Yet most companies’ application landscapes do not provide the responsive and efficient support that business demands to meet these challenges.

Companies need to transform their IT environment by introducing simplicity, flexibility and agility. They must also monitor the latest technology to assess the best approach to harnessing the power of new SAP innovations, S/4HANA.

The Key to a Holistic IT Transformation

Our aOneSAP solution provides the industrialized tools and structured approach needed to design an optimal, accelerated SAP transformation program along one or more of the following transformation paths:
  • Modernization: Leverage latest innovations like S/4HANA, Cloud Technologies, UI transformation, etc., to ensure your IT landscape is state-of-the-art.
  • Consolidation: Merge your SAP system landscape from infrastructure and clients to technology instances and company codes
  • Harmonization: Redesign and implement all of your processes by defining, building and deploying a new global template.

By transforming your landscapes as above, organizations benefit in multiple ways:
  • Seamlessly-aligned IT setup
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changes in business strategies
  • Overall reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Free up more investment for innovation

A Proven SAP Leader

Our deep experience and strong SAP alliance enable us to transform your SAP landscapes in an efficient and optimal manner. We have partnered with several global organizations to implement their transformation programs. Through our unique distributed delivery model, we ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. Our proven tools, methodologies and assets help cut down implementation time and guarantee the right results.
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