Automotive Research & Development

Automotive companies must overcome significant obstacles in the research and development arena if they are to maintain a strong market position. By enhancing innovation and speeding time-to-market, companies can win market share and avoid negative product margins.

Capgemini can help your company realize true value in the areas of product development and product lifecycle management. This enables you to focus on your core competencies throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Solutions to Overcome R&D Obstacles

The proliferation of new technologies, product personalization and interconnection are leading to more complex design and development requirements and shorter product lifecycles.

Capgemini leverages its deep industry experience to help your company achieve smarter, more efficient product development. Our solutions include:

  • Collaboration for Innovation
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Manufacturing
  • Electrics/Electronics Product Lifecycle Management

Why Choose Capgemini?

Capgemini's Innovation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach fosters collaboration across a range of internal and external functions, including R&D.

Our industry and technology experts are thought leaders in their field. They conduct in-depth research and surveys, and draw on their expertise in management and technology to support your R&D efforts.

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