Capgemini and EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

Information is your organization’s most valuable asset. Maintain your competitive edge with a business information management plan that combines Capgemini’s comprehensive approach with EMC’s powerful Greenplum Data Computing Appliance.

Capgemini, EMC, CNAM: A Healthy Partnership

Fast and Flexible Information Solutions

Combined with the speed of EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance, Capgemini’s Business Information Management services will allow your organization to leverage information—its most importance asset—to target your bottom line. The EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance can be deployed in days and offers up to three times more scalability and four times more database cores than competitive systems. It also boasts the industry’s fastest data-loading rate.

Capgemini’s comprehensive approach to business information management leverages our Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC), comprehensive information strategy, and federated data warehousing to help your organization:

  • Optimize information usage
  • Leverage data for competitive advantage
  • Align business intelligence with business goals
  • Increase business reactivity by focusing on adding value and improving operations

Capgemini's Tailored Approach to Business Information Management

Capgemini collaborates with you in designing, developing, and implementing a scalable business information management solution tailored to your organization’s needs and business strategy.

Capgemini leverages the BICC’s expertise and governance mechanisms as well as its strategic approach to business information management that includes a roadmap and a business case. The unparalleled speed of the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance and Capgemini’s business information management solutions offer your organization an optimized business information service model.

State-of-the-Art Business Information Management

Together, Capgemini and EMC have completed successful Greenplum deployments in a wide range of sectors, including retail, financial services, pharmaceuticals, online, telecommunications, media and entertainment.

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