Capgemini Immediate

Recent years have witnessed unprecedented changes in customer behavior and technology. Capgemini Immediate is an integrated cloud-based social CRM offer that enables you to take advantage of the most innovative technology vendors in the digital marketplace.

Shift Your Focus from Technology Challenges to Business Outcomes

To keep your customers satisfied, it is crucial to interact with them in ways that suit their needs and demands. This means employing the intuitive online and mobile platforms that today’s consumers and business customers use. We help you overcome challenges that your business may face, such as in-house systems that make it difficult to take advantage of certain new technologies.

Capgemini Immediate helps you experience all the benefits of cloud computing and the expertise of top digital suppliers without delivery risk, integration complexities, or the logistics of contracting multiple providers.

Benefits include:

  • Speed of deployment: new functionality benefits you in weeks
  • Flexibility: work with the best vendors as technology advances
  • Accountability: one party is accountable for the security, quality and reliability of service – Capgemini
  • Lower costs: eliminate investment in infrastructure and pay only for what you use

Supporting Cloud Technologies through Collaboration

At Capgemini, we recognize that each organization’s journey to the cloud varies, depending on business objectives. We work with you to ensure that Immediate supports your needs and goals, at every stage of your business’s cloud migration.

Our collaborative approach offers you the opportunity to start with a pilot program to discover the possibilities available through Immediate. Once we have identified the services and solutions that best correspond to your needs, we develop an integrated and flexible operating model that maximizes the cost efficiency and productivity of your IT services. Instead of worrying about technology challenges, you can focus on what’s most important: business outcomes.

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Bringing your Business to the Cloud

With over five years of cloud computing experience, Capgemini is ideally positioned to help your business on its journey to the cloud. We draw on our proven expertise in the following areas to facilitate your seamless transition to social CRM services:

  • Technology services and infrastructure development
  • Security and services integration
  • Customer experience optimization

Our breadth of social CRM experience and capabilities is reinforced by a powerful global partner network. It comprises systems architects who have championed SaaS since 2006, and consultant teams that have successfully managed multi-supplier ecosystems since 2003.

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