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The lake of financial data confronts the modern CFO with an opportunity to sink or to swim. In many ways, the CFO is the senior analyst in the business and therefore the pressure is on you and your team to make sense of all of this information, determine which pieces are the most relevant and extract value from them

Christopher Stancombe, CEO Business Process Outsourcing


Today’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or finance executive is under ever-increasing pressure to maintain a strong and healthy balance sheet. A business is not just expected to demonstrate consistent profitability but to ensure top line growth, efficient working capital management and, of course, to maintain a solid reputation in the marketplace. In a nutshell, the CFO faces the key challenges of:
  • Maintaining top line growth in an ever more competitive market place
  • Controlling costs to maintain profitability
  • Minimizing exposure to risk and protecting brand reputation
  • Ensuring an optimal flow of working capital
To meet these challenges, CFOs need not only visibility and transparency across the organization, but also high-quality analytics that quickly highlight exceptions and improvement opportunities.

The CFO Analytics suite includes:
  • Revenue Analytics: To boost top line growth
  • Expense Analytics: To improve profitability
  • Risk Analytics: To minimize risk and protect reputation
  • Working Capital Analytics: Optimize inventory and logistics for better cash flow

An End-to-End Business Analytics Service

The CFO Analytics suite is based on our own, renowned intellectual property: robust, best-in-class tools and technology that place us at the forefront of our industry.
We work with leading big data and analytics technologies, and provide services to support business analytics, from high-level strategy to managed, outsourced services.
We have over 17,000 staff providing Finance & Accounting BPO services, for more than 40 clients, including many global, household names. Another 7,000 consultants work on business analytics across the world.

Delivering Business Outcomes 

Our business analytics approach has delivered concrete results for clients worldwide:

  • Increased Working Capital by $55 million for a major consumer goods company
  • Recovered duplicate invoice payments worth $4 million for a global beverage company
  • Secured €15 million in savings by reducing stock waste and optimizing warehouse space for a leading consumer goods manufacturer
  • Cut cash flow by $121 million and Working Capital release of $37 million for a leading agribusiness company.
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