CRM and CX with Oracle

Brand loyalty means providing customers with a seamless experience every time. High-performance solutions from Oracle make that happen.

Future-Facing CRM for the Digital Age

Today's customers enjoy unprecedented access to information and technology, affording them greater control over how they engage with companies, raising their expectations higher than ever before. Quick and seamless customer engagement represents a significant challenge for businesses, but it also offers a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition. 
Cutting-edge customer experience (CX) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed for the digital world can set your business apart.

Developing Superior Brand Loyalty

We help you leverage the business benefits of Oracle’s latest CRM and CX solutions to boost customer loyalty and margins. Our collaborative solutions include: 
  • OCommerce: create a seamless, all-channel experience that improves customer interaction, loyalty and product margins
  • Oracle Sales Cloud: gain an information edge to empower sales reps and managers, reduce administrative burden and track trends on the go
  • Oracle Siebel CRM: centralize customer support and field service operations for maximum growth

Working Together to Enhance Customer Experience

Together with Oracle, we use the latest technologies and solutions to help you: 
  • Optimize customer interactions from strategy to operation
  • Respond to customers’ changing needs 
  • Achieve sustainable value and higher profits

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To learn what Capgemini and Oracle CRM and CX solutions can do for your business, contact : Kees Jacobs, Arjan Kramer or Brian Girouard
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