Customer Operations Management

Capgemini Customer Operations Management helps you make the most of customer interactions across the full lifecycle, from 'Acquire to Inspire', improving operational and financial performance.

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Customer Operations that Work for You and Your Customers

Each solution targets a specific strategic objective, building a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Capgemini works with you to determine the solution that is appropriate for your needs:

Our Insight Center Services include:

  • Customer and product analytics

  • Statistical modeling

  • Data mining

  • Clustering and affinity analysis

  • Management dashboards and reporting

  • Data visualization and management

Our Customer Interaction Management Services include:
  • Complete multi-channel inbound/outbound contact center outsourcing
  • Vendor-managed operations
  • Social media management
  • Knowledge and learning management

Our online/digital and offline Content Lifecycle Management Services include: :

  • Content creation and quality control

  • Content upload, publishing, syndication and localization

  • Content usage analytics

Your Customers Drive Your Success

In this complex world of advanced technology and multiple time zones, Capgemini’s Customer Operations Management (COM) solution helps you better manage customer interactions, feedback and information. We help you identify trends to resolve challenges before they become serious issues.

Our COM framework provides business outsourcing services in 3 areas:

  • 'SelectCare' Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Management
  • Content Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
Capgemini’s COM team helps manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle in support of your product, service and brand. We help you:
  • Improve customer satisfaction by managing customer activity and experience
  • Streamline customer data reporting
  • Improve business performance through informed insights

Optimize Your Customer Operations

Capgemini’s broad industry knowledge ensures you build and maintain effective relationships with your customers. Our insight center services combined with our expertise in interaction and information management deliver powerful results for your customers and your business.

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