Amanda MacAuley

Amanda MacAuley
Experto enDigital Tax and Welfare, Blockchain
Miembro de : Public Sector

Using my experience and keen eye on the rapidly changing public sector landscape globally, I create new conversations and insights for clients around the public sector digital journey. From considering Government in 2025 to the application of the emerging blockchain technology in tax and welfare, I focus on delivering new value through the understanding and application of technical innovations and possibilities across the citizen lifecycle.

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Mi experiencia

  • Business Transformation Specialist with International Business Development Focus
    @ Capgemini
    En Octubre 2013
  • Transformation Manager - Capgemini Aspire Change programme
    @ Capgemini
    De Enero 2012 a Enero 2012
  • Head of Business Transformation - Capgemini Aspire
    @ Capgemini
    De Mayo 2007 a Mayo 2007
  • Managing Consultant
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    De Julio 2004 a Julio 2004
  • Head of Business Consulting
    @ Insurance
    De Enero 2002 a Enero 2002
  • Consultant
    @ Accounting
    De Enero 1996 a Enero 1996