Enterprise Content Management

Nearly all organizations have a mass of unstructured data: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, design documents, customer interaction records etc. These represent a key enterprise information asset. Collecting, managing and making these accessible can deliver significant value to an organization.

Case-as-a-Service: Transforming Case Management

Large public and private organizations often support dozens of non-integrated manual and automated processes that could be categorized as "case management". The ability to address this with a single solution is vital. You gain simplicity and economies of scale, as well as the advantage of coordinating activities through workflow integration.
Our Case-as-a-Service solution based on EMC cloud technology offers the flexibility you need to meet the changing demands of customers, clients, citizens, and other stakeholders.
  • Faster delivery time and reduced total cost of ownership – preconfigured solution requires no client software to install, is easily customized and offers flexible scalability. Solutions are available in a fully-managed environment with the intent to reduce costs and delivery time by up to 30%.
  • Improved productivity, efficiency and service levels – eliminate paper at the point of origin, gain better control and visibility of information. Users can access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduced procurement and implementation risks – minimal capital investment required, pricing can be based on per case Basis and the solution can be procured on a short-term basis.

Successful ECM Implementation

Capgemini’s advisory and consulting services for enterprise content management help you assess readiness, build strategic solutions, and create a roadmap to enable a successful ECM solution implementation.

ECM Strategy Assessment

  • Identify ECM and non-ECM organizational pain points
  • Support key ECM initiatives and information needs through stakeholder interviews, infrastructure assessments and prioritization workshops Infrastructure/Solution Assessment
  • Evaluate your organization’s infrastructure and existing technologies
  • Uncover integration points, gaps in the existing infrastructure and additional investments for consideration

Business Case Development

  • Help build ECM champions and sponsorship for the initiative
  • Evaluate potential revenues from doing business faster, added revenue streams and savings from operational efficiencies and reduce headcount
  • Develop the business case and help seek funding for future phases

Rapid ECM Health Check

Capgemini’s ECM Health Check lets you quickly assess the current content management adoption maturity of your organization to help you uncover problem areas and set the path forward.

Knowledge Management

Capgemini’s Knowledge Management tools help you manage your intellectual knowledge to reduce information loss.

Text Analytics

Capgemini’s text analytics tools help you filter your data to maximize the value of your content management systems.

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