Evasion, Fraud and error

Tackling evasion, fraud and error is a top priority for tax and welfare agencies tasked with finding ways to protect government revenue streams.

Protect Your Revenue with Capgemini & SAS

The challenge

Tax avoidance and error costs 145 countries, representing over 98% of world GDP, more than US$3.1 trillion annually.

Economic conditions have made it more vital that individuals and businesses pay the tax they owe, and that welfare agencies minimize fraud and error.

Transforming risk assessment and compliance capability

Reducing tax evasion and welfare fraud & error is complex. It's as much about the compliance and fraud operating models of an agency, and its business processes, as it is about technology.  

Agencies may need to change processes, roles and the way decisions are taken. They often have to rethink policy or legislation. Understanding and making these business changes can then be enabled by specialist fraud technologies.

Depending on your current situation we have a range of offers that we can tailor to your needs:
  • Value Discovery – Sets out the vision, roadmap and potential value to be delivered by the program
  • Target operating model – Defines the processes, technical & data architecture and organization required to deliver reduced non-compliance
  • Pilot - Applies new analytical software and modeling techniques to identify, understand and detect new types of fraud or tax evasion. Starts to build new capabilities whilst delivering initial benefits
  • Assurance - Ensures that the business & IT architecture is robust, future proof and will deliver business objectives and that the program is properly set up and fit for purpose
  • End state solution - Detailed design and implementation of the capabilities required to deliver benefits for each release

Our analytics-based end state solution, built on SAS technology, can match, link and analyze tax, welfare and external data sources. This massively increases agencies’ power to investigate tax evasion or welfare fraud, while reducing manual effort and prioritizing those cases likely to bring the highest return on investment.

Capgemini is a leader in yield and anti-fraud protection in tax & welfare

Our solutions can help you shape, design and deliver new capabilities that protect tax yield and reduce welfare benefit fraud:

  • We work with some of the leading tax & welfare administrations in the world
  • We developed HMRC’s Connect strategic risking system which delivered £1.3bn additional tax revenue in just 18 months
  • Capgemini & HMRC together led the 2011 international tax benchmarking study analyzing leading practice in ten countries
  • We have signed a preferred global strategic partnership in tax and welfare yield protection and anti-fraud with SAS, the market leader in business analytics
  • We can offer a range of commercial models to reduce the need for upfront capital investment

For more information contact Ian Pretty or Andrew Lennox.

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