Experiencia de usuario (UX) y diseño

Las empresas suelen tener numerosos puntos de contacto con sus clientes y empleados, y estos cada vez se producen más a través de los teléfonos móviles y tabletas. Los usuarios finales exigen una experiencia centrada en el usuario. Ahora es el momento de invertir en el diseño de la experiencia del usuario.

Three Rules to User Experience and Design

The quality of the user experience can be the difference between keeping or losing, or successfully engaging, a customer, employee or partner.
There are three key rules to creating successful user engagement : 
  • Focus on more than performance and functionality: Know  when and why a mobile solution is needed and how to make it fit for purpose.
  • Prioritize end user testing and feedback: Testing mobile solutions is essential for a robust multichannel experience.
  • Link to the required information and systems: No digital interface- no matter how well designed - will succeed if it’s not tightly integrated with back-office systems. 
To follow these rules effectively within set timeframes and budgets, you need a systematic approach to user experience (UX).

Good Design at the Heart of Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Good design should be at the heart of any enterprise mobility strategy. It underpins the right policies, processes and technologies to deliver a compelling “You Experience” for your end users. 
Our comprehensive and modular Design and Experience services  help you:
  • Direct your business requirements by defining your user needs with a structured and holistic approach(a “You Experience”) 
  • Justify the business case for your "You Experience" by demonstrating how UX interlocks with your business strategy, what it will solve, and the business value 
  • Develop a robust "You Experience" approach with fast iteration and integration that’s central to all mobile initiatives

Structured Creativity for a "You Experience"

Whether you are exploring digital transformation for consumers or internal digitization to improve employee productivity, working with Capgemini means your mobile solutions are integrated into your overall business strategy rather than isolated from the rest of your organization . 
You can rely on us to deliver:
  • End to end mobile strategy and services to optimize your end user experience and maximize business value
  • Effective use of agile methodology for a structured and holistic approach to implementing innovative UX-centered mobility projects
  • Industrialized processes, including rapid prototyping and testing, to minimize costly risk. The only end results are innovative mobile solutions that are functional and easy to use
City of Oslo and PostNord have already worked with us to become smarter and more productive.
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