Guillermo Quiteno

Guillermo Quiteno
Experto enFinance Planning Shared-Services centers
Miembro de : Business Services

My CPA degree, combined with 20+ years of experience at global, multinational companies + several Capgemini certifications, allow me to help clients in FMCG industry transform their Finance and Accounting processes. 
Servicing clients in Latin America with operations in 19 countries thru 40 locations (distribution centers and manufacturing facilities) has prepared me to help our new clients on their Transformation agenda.

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Mi experiencia

  • Finance Transformation - Senior Manager | Americas
    @ Capgemini
    En Febrero 2016
  • Accounting Operations Manager (SSC) - Latin America
    @ Capgemini
    De Marzo 2013 a Marzo 2013
  • Director of Accounting and SSC Central America
    @ Financial services company
    De Noviembre 2011 a Noviembre 2011
  • Financial Planning Manager Central America
    @ Shoe Retail
    De Enero 2009 a Enero 2009
  • Financial Controller Central America
    @ Consumer Goods
    De Junio 2006 a Junio 2006
  • Finance Manager Honduras - Central America
    @ Consumer Goods
    De Febrero 2004 a Febrero 2004
  • Audit Manager Central America
    @ Consumer goods
    De Septiembre 2002 a Septiembre 2002
  • Treasury Manager Central America
    @ Consumer Goods
    De Abril 2000 a Abril 2000