Financial Services Data Quality and Governance

High quality data is a required foundation which drives external regulatory reporting requirements, internal policies and processes, and executive decision-making. Capgemini’s QualityData Advantage℠ offerings provide financial institutions with the right strategy, vision, approach, achievable objectives, and—most importantly—a technology-agnostic execution plan.

Data quality has been an important initiative for financial institutions for many years. But operationalizing data quality—the implementation of a data quality strategy across departmental/ organizational boundaries—continues to be a challenge for many banks, insurance companies and capital markets firms.

Fundamental to our QualityData Advantage℠ approach is acknowledgement that a successful data quality initiative spans business and technology departments, affecting individual operations, processes and applications on both the business and IT side.

Improving and sustaining data quality requires an ongoing program, not just periodic IT projects that apply data profiling technologies. QualityData Advantage focuses on solving the data quality problem holistically and practically. Our solution integrates seamlessly with the services-oriented enterprise information platforms that many FS organizations are beginning to put into place.

Solutions to Address Your Data Quality Challenges

Our QualityData Advantage℠ includes offerings in three core areas:

  • Compliance: To assist clients in Europe, North America and Asia with data quality, Capgemini developed a methodical and implementable approach to operationalizing data quality that has proven to be highly successful for compliance applications.
  • Basel II and III: Capgemini helps banks successfully manage and improve data quality across organization boundaries. Our QualityData for Basel Compliance offering connects your financial regulatory reform initiative to proven, credit, operational and market risk models to optimize risk weighted assets for the benefit of the business and regulatory compliance.
  • Solvency II: Capgemini’s QualityData for Solvency II offering includes an approach, methodologies, and tools designed to help insurers make fact-driven decisions to improve data quality and governance to support better risk management and decision support.

Take Steps Today Towards Better Data Quality

Let us show you how your organization can benefit from our QualityData Advantage offerings by scheduling a complimentary QualityData Advantage workshop.

The QualityData Advantage Workshop includes a 3-hour session with two of Capgemini’s business information and/or risk management specialists with a focus on your domain area: banking, capital markets or insurance. At the end of the workshop, your firm will have:

  • A completed QualityData Advantage℠ Scorecard which includes a self-assessment by your own executives on the current data strengths and weaknesses for their area
  • A completed business-case basis for data quality improvement where needed

Contact us at to schedule a workshop today.

QualityData Advantage is a service mark of Capgemini Financial Services USA Inc.

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