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Aproveche el valor real de datos para satisfacer la demanda actual de las experiencias de los clientes digitales en circulación y mejorar el rendimiento del negocio.

For successful big data initiatives, banks and insurers need to establish confidence in the minds of executives who struggle with trusting information used to make decisions. They need to create the governance required to leverage data effectively across the enterprise and adopt technology strategies that are led by business objectives.

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Identifying The Right Big Data Opportunities

According to the 2013 World Retail Banking Report, by Capgemini and Efma, “banks should effectively leverage customer data - structured and unstructured – for modeling and prediction to better understand customer needs and priorities, as well as develop customer-centric products and services.”

Big data holds tremendous potential for FS firms to develop new and innovative solutions that result in significant business value. To capture that value companies must follow a business-led approach and identify big data initiatives that are tied to real, pressing business problems.

Harness Your Big Data to Create Business Value

Capgemini helps financial services help firms define and deploy big data strategies that derive actionable insights for smarter decision-making. The direct results are improved customer experience, and increased profitability,

Learn how fine-tuning data can help insurers – and their customers – save money.

Manage Big Data Technology in Four Steps

Capgemini has developed a big data strategy, methodology and delivery capability to help clients take advantage of big data; It breaks down big data management into four key processes underpinned by essential data services.

Big Data “Diamond” Opportunities for FS

Capgemini’s Big Data “Diamond” initiatives are designed to drive specific, positive business outcomes.

A Smart Choice for Big Data ROI

Accelerated Value through Demonstrable proof of concepts

Capgemini BIM CUBE is a state-of-the-art facility that enables financial services companies to try solutions, see them in action, and make an informed decision to invest in the right solution. Within the BIM CUBE Lab, clients can access the knowledge of our experts, scope and demonstrate solutions, review proof of concepts and explore innovative tools that could enhance productivity.

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