Steve Jones

Steve Jones
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I help clients to deliver IT estates which look like the business, evolve like the business and are costed in line with the value they deliver.  Working with business and IT leaders, I help organizations take control of their master data and align its governance to its business value.

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Mi experiencia

  • Global Head of Master Data Management
    @ Capgemini
    En Septiembre 2010
    Responsible for the co-ordiation and establishment of Capgemini's global MDM offers including the scaling of the offshore Centre of Excellence and the publication and industrialisation of a business centric method for MDM consulting and delivery. Drove triple digit growth from 2010 into 2011
  • Global Solution Director, Business Information Management
    @ Capgemini
    De Noviembre 2009 a Noviembre 2009
    Solution Director responsible for project establishment of multi-discipline and multi-geography programmes at the >$50m budget level
  • Solution Director
    @ Westpac
    De Octubre 2009 a Octubre 2009
    Solution Director for a large Oracle UCM MDM programme integrating over 300 systems and migrating over 50 current customer masters into a single package solution.
  • Global Director Alliances & Partner Product Development (Outsourcing)
    @ Capgemini
    De Enero 2009 a Enero 2009
    Responsible for how we engage with all our alliance partners and turn that into new go to market products, offers and solutions for our clients. Implementation of a new strategic framework and partner selection.
  • Head of SOA and SaaS
    @ Capgemini
    De Junio 2006 a Junio 2006
    Originally Head of SOA for Capgemini's Global Outsourcing division I took over the SaaS role as part of the Google partnership.
  • Global Product Director - Google
    @ Capgemini
    De Mayo 2007 a Mayo 2007
    I was asked to manage the launch of the Capgemini and Google relationship.
  • CTO Application Development Transformation
    @ Capgemini
    De Agosto 1998 a Agosto 1998
    Responsible for sales and strategy around .NET, Java and mobile technologies
  • Head of Enterprise Java
    @ Capgemini UK
    De Mayo 2003 a Mayo 2003
    Took over a unit with 60% utilisation and zero sales and in 18 months turned it into 90%+ utilisation, team growth and over £30m in bookings.
  • Head of Architecture, Development et al
    @ Netdecisions
    De Enero 2000 a Enero 2000
    Overall head of the architecture, development and testing practices. Lead architect for several projects and member of the PMO
  • Architect
    @ Mac UK
    De Enero 1998 a Enero 1998
    Solution Architect working on a Java based Set-top box operating system and Web TV solution.
  • Consultant
    @ Eurocontrol
    De Enero 1996 a Enero 1996
    Simulation and R&D on Air Traffic Control futures
  • Senior Developer
    @ Siemens Plessey
    De Enero 1993 a Enero 1993
    Lead Developer for Radar Display and Controller Working Position.

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