Microsoft Dynamics

Imagine a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business through happy customers. And imagine being able to implement these quickly, smoothly and cost effectively.

Client Challenges Today

The market today is changing and customer intimacy and productivity are becoming increasingly challenging. It’s no longer one-size-fits-all. How do leverage social, mobile, analytics and cloud for competitive advantage? How do you enable digital transformation? How do you deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints? How do you empower an increasingly mobile workforce?

Enabling Business Insights

Microsoft Dynamics offers a full range of software focused on delivering business insights that matter to both you and your customers. From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has a business solution that’s just right for you.
Capgemini combines its proven implementation experience and methodology with deep industry expertise across Retail, Life Sciences, Financial Services and Public Sector to enable Microsoft Dynamics transformation:
  • Developed IP – Accelerator for end-to-end process integration using Dynamics CRM and SharePoint
  • Industrialization tools for different project phases of Dynamics CRM implementation
  • Rapid Design Visualization (RDV®) methodology to support successful design
  • Leverage Microsoft SureStep methodology & framework AX and CRM

Fast, Efficient, Transformative

Capgemini brings innovation to every aspect of delivery:
  • A strong business expertise in various sectors of activity. Use of Capgemini Innovation Clinics to drive better input and improved end-user adoption
  • The Capgemini project management Methodology UPM™ and its industrialization tools for the different project phases
  • Design using our RDV® methodology creates more delivery and less governance, thus reducing time and costs to client
  • A focus on configuration and less on customization to enable the business user work effectively, whilst reducing overall cost
  • Secure data migration with specific Capgemini methodology adapted to Dynamics CRM projects
  • A proven expertise in integrating solutions in the IS of our customers in national or multinational contexts
  • Evergreen approach to project ensures whole lifetime costs are minimized and specifically the effect of base software upgrades is minimized specifically the effect of base software upgrades is minimized
  • Use of frameworks such as Immediate, which enable immediate needs to be met, without roadblocking future needs

A Powerful Partnership

As a Global Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft, we offer unique advantages including:
  • Over 16,000 Microsoft skilled professionals in over 35 countries across five continents, Dynamics Center of Excellence in Italy and Rightshore®
  • Gold Certified Partner in 11 competencies including Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development and Integration, etc.
  • Training and certification programs for developing specialists with deep competencies in Microsoft technologies
  • Participation in Technology Adoption Programs that provide a pre-release view into Microsoft products, helping us to assist leading-edge clients to utilize technology for solutions today
  • Serving and collaborating on several Partner Advisory Councils with product teams on market needs, new features and functionality
  • Access to on-site Microsoft partner strategic consultants, technical account managers and off-site premier support
At Capgemini will help businesses to be adaptive across all touch points. Enabling you to build customer trust, loyalty, and insight.
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