Murat Aksu

Murat Aksu
Experto enApplication/Data Retirement
Miembro de : Testing

I help companies that operate within a dynamic environment cope with the constant change in industry and technology trends.  With my help, companies rapidly adopt and respond to the changing enterprise business needs and respond to new requirements such as security, compliance, cloud computing and more.

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Mi experiencia

  • Vice President and Global Head of HP Alliance
    @ Capgemini
    En Septiembre 2009
  • Practice Head Software Quality Management
    @ Capgemini
    De Enero 2008 a Enero 2008
  • VP of Products and Marketing
    @ Zenoss
    De Abril 2007 a Abril 2007
  • Director of Product Marketing
    @ Mercury Interactive/Hp Software
    De Octubre 2005 a Octubre 2005
  • Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Competitive and Market Intelligence
    @ Mercury Interactive
    De Octubre 2004 a Octubre 2004
  • Sr. Sales/Account Manager
    @ Mercury Interactive
    De Junio 2000 a Junio 2000
  • Major Accounts Technical Manager
    @ Manhattan Associates
    De Abril 1999 a Abril 1999