Andy Heppelle

Andy Heppelle
Experto enDigital Utilities

I work with leading global Utility companies to understand their most valuable business priorities. I then address those priorities with new ideas and solutions from Capgemini, the Capgemini Utility Client User Group (Clients willing to share their ideas with other Clients), Academic and Innovation Institute thought leaders and global alliance partners.

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Mi experiencia

  • Global Director, Capgemini Centre for Digital Utilities
    @ Capgemini
    En Diciembre 2012
    Working with the worlds leading researchers, innovation labs, Capgemini thought leaders and the Utility companies that Capgemini serves.
  • Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) Leader
    @ Capgemini
    De Agosto 2006 a Agosto 2006
  • Enterprise IT Portfolio Governance and Management Leader
    @ Capgemini
    De Febrero 2006 a Febrero 2006
  • New Business Development and Transition Leader
    @ Capgemini
    De Junio 2005 a Junio 2005
  • Transition and New Business Manager
    @ Capgemini
    De Febrero 2003 a Febrero 2003
  • IT New Business Development and Customer Relationship Manager
    @ IT Services Provider
    De Enero 1999 a Enero 1999

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