Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management

Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management (CRM) increases revenue without increasing resources and makes your workforce perform better. Find out how you can lay the groundwork for business growth with this platform.

Are you ready for Oracle Fusion Applications?

Next Generation CRM for Better Results

Today, customers have more control in how they want to engage with companies. Whilst businesses recognize the need for a customer relationship management platform to provide better service, it needs to work the way you need it to in order to see results.

With the right CRM system in place, in the right way, your sales and marketing teams can increase sales and you can boost the overall organizational performance:

  • Monitor performance for more accurate sales forecasts
  • Identify and target the right opportunities quicker
  • Save time with simpler processes for reporting

SWIFT Results with Oracle Fusion CRM

Oracle Fusion CRM is a complete CRM solution that improves performance and revenue. It can be deployed incrementally or all at once. It complements existing investments and can be hosted anywhere. But having this flexibility requires knowing what’s best for your organization.

With our CRM and Oracle Fusion Applications and Middleware expertise, we help you choose the best implementation strategy using our unique, SWIFT methodology. Our experts guide you through a custom path to get your company ready for the new platform.

By following our SWIFT approach, you'll adopt Oracle Fusion CRM into your business faster and easier and reap the business benefits sooner.

Implement Oracle Fusion CRM with the Experts

We have the know-how to implement Oracle Fusion CRM into your business. We’ve been involved with Fusion Applications since 2009 in Oracle’s partner beta program. We’re also a global Fusion Applications installation partner and have multiple Capgemini instances of Fusion CRM.

As a global Diamond level partner for Oracle, we’re recognized as a leading Oracle System Integrator and Implementation partner. This is backed by over 40 years of cross-discipline experience and having delivered over 5000 Oracle-related projects for different industries across the world.

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