Sidharth Kapila

Sidharth Kapila
Experto enProcess digitization & automation

Key partner for Cisco in their process digitization efforts for last 3 years. Introduced the iBPM framework leveraging Gartner’s pace layering approach.  Launched an iBPM COE, multiple process digitization workshops and Pega implementation projects. I work very closely with Cisco leadership team and Cisco business (India and US) in their transformation journey leveraging our existing strong BPM foundation.

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Mi experiencia

  • Vice President
    @ Capgemini
    En Enero 2015
  • Principal
    @ Capgemini
    De Enero 2011 a Enero 2011
  • Senior Manager
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    De Julio 2000 a Julio 2000
  • Manager
    @ Accounting
    De Enero 1997 a Enero 1997
  • Auditor
    @ Accounting
    De Enero 1996 a Enero 1996

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