¿Qué es Big Data?

¿Qué es realmente y por qué nos importa Big Data? Descúbrelo en esta serie de videos donde los principales expertos de Capgemini comparten su propia opinión sobre el término de moda.

Introducing Data Dimensions: Big Data Unpacked

Richard Brown introduces the series and asks ‘What does a big data solution look like?’ 

Introducing Data Dimensions: Big Data Unpacked

Data Dimensions: Big Data Unpacked

When did data become big data? Watch the animation.

Data Dimensions: Big Data Unpacked

Behind the Three Vs

Manuel Sevilla explains what is behind the “Three Vs”, used by many to describe big data - Volume, Variety and Velocity and what they mean to the design of big data solutions

Behind the 3 Vs

What is Big Data?

Richard Brown discusses the emergence of three big data technologies, what big data means to different industries and the new opportunities it brings to the market. 

Data Dimensions: What is big data?

Stay posted as we'll tackle these topics in more upcoming videos:

  • Explaining in-memory and why IT is no longer a constraint
  • Why Hadoop is complementary to your BI applications, not a replacement
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