RAIN - Rapid Innovation

RApid INnovation (RAIN) leverages a partner ecosystem of innovation companies to help business executives clearly understand the results that leading-edge technology can deliver.

RAIN showed that innovation doesn’t have to be long term: it can be short term if you focus on the results.

Martin Hoff

Long-term Innovation in the Short Term

In a recent study, 98% of business executives confirmed their biggest challenge is developing new business and their top priority is launching new products and services. To address this business priority, RAIN draws on a unique ecosystem of technology companies to guide companies through an exploration of the latest technology innovations.

Harness IT Technology for Faster Results

The first business challenge addressed by RAIN is how to transform a company into a more agile, responsive and adaptable organization. RAIN’s 3-day session provides onsite, rapid visualization of how to enhance business processes through the innovative solutions, ideas and products from Capgemini’s best-of-breed partners. 

In just three days, RAIN produces a roadmap to the most appropriate solution available on the market today including a prototype of the solution. Additional benefits include:

  • A better understanding of the technical options available to solve an existing problem
  • A prototype built collaboratively between business and IT stakeholders
  • A first draft of the business case for this prototype
  • An improved collaborative understanding between business and IT