SAP for Oil & Gas

Integrated IT systems are more important than ever - We're ready to help increase your return on investment in SAP

Increasing worldwide demand, advancement in production technologies and tight refining capacities for both oil and natural gas have caused significant price fluctuations in recent years.

Oil & gas companies are counting on technological innovation to manage in such a volatile marketplace – innovation not just in oilfield technology, but also in the information technology systems and architecture just below the surface.

One thing for sure: SAP has to be delivering meaningful data with which users can improve many different business activities.

Head Start in Realizing the Benefits of SAP

With Capgemini on your team, you get more value from your SAP implementation, faster. We’ve got what you need ― including “leading practice” blueprints for core business processes, implementation accelerators, a readiness checklist and test scenarios for an issue-free “go live” and more.

Our Oil & Gas team is a collection of premier SAP practitioners with heavy domain knowledge. For more information on the services below, please contact us for an appointment.

  • SAP Roadmap/Optimization Services
    • Whether you’re just starting the ERP journey or looking to maximize your existing investment
  • SAP Implementation Services
    • Leveraging Capgemini’s proprietary, pre-configured solution, EnergyPath, to reduce your implementation time, cost, and risk.
  • SAP Hosting
    • Global-Certified SAP Cloud Hosting Partner
  • SAP Application Management
    • From teams ranging from 5 to 500,000 FTEs, Capgemini provides scalability and flexibility to support your entire SAP enterprise.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Pre-built dashboards and key performance indicators library, constructed for your industry
  • Mobility
    • Leverage Afaria and Sybase Unwired Platform to increase productivity in the field and on-the-go
  • ERP+
    • Harness the power of your combined Microsoft and SAP investment to improve user acceptance and improve common workflow challenges
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