Soluciones móviles para seguros

Increase revenues and reduce costs by offering customers secure, “any or all” mobile device access to self-service applications

While P&C insurers can realize significant returns on investments in mobile communication channels across the enterprise, adding mobile apps to the claims-service functions will bring the greatest short- and longer-term benefits to most businesses. Given the current rate of adoption of mobile devices, mobile claims apps can contribute significantly to satisfaction with the all-important claims experience — the key to customer retention and competitive advantage.

Among the benefits related to the implementation a claims mobile-app solution:

  • Increased Revenue: Mobile solutions support multi-channel communications with customers and prospects — especially the Gen-X and Gen-Y “early adopters.” Additionally, mobile solutions let insurers and agents to reduce the sales-cycle completion time.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Mobile device access to customers’ information means more timely and convenient access to the products they have, as well as information about the products they want or need in the future.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Mobile claims solutions enable enterprise-wide real-time communication, collaboration, and enhanced procedural efficiency. Automobile insurers can collect accurate information directly from the accident site, begin processing the claim faster, and allow for the prompt assignment of the case to the right adjuster. The result is quicker and less costly claims settlements.

Capgemini Mobile Solutions Service Offerings

Capgemini offers a comprehensive suite of services, backed by investments in a dedicated Mobile Solutions Lab, designed to help insurers with any business- or technology-issue related to the application of mobile-device technologies.

Mobile Services

  • Mobile Usability
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Mobile Architecture & Solution Design
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Mobile Testing
  • Mobile Deployment

Mobile Centers of Excellence

Capgemini has Centers of Excellence devoted to key technologies that help enable mobile solutions including:

  • Native iOS
  • Hybrid HTML 5
  • Mobile app frameworks such as the KonyOne Platform™ and WOPE from Backelite Software
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