Romain Delavenne

Romain Delavenne
Experto enTelecom & Media

Advising CxOs and working with senior executives, i am shaping, designing and leading large digital transformation projects, from vision inception to implementation, for clients in Europe, Asia and Middle East& Africa

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Mi experiencia

  • Vice President
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    En Enero 2014
  • Vice-President
    @ Capgemini Consulting, India
    De Septiembre 2011 a Septiembre 2011
  • Director Middle East
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    De Septiembre 2006 a Septiembre 2006
  • Managing Consultant
    @ Capgemini Consulting
    De Junio 2004 a Junio 2004
  • Marketing Director
    @ Communication Services
    De Febrero 2000 a Febrero 2000

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