By building your sales process around your customers’ needs, projects and goals, you will grow sustainable relationships that increase your sales. Discover a unique sales approach for financial products and services.

Interacting with a Bank in the Digital Age

Does your bank fully understand your customers in today’s digital world? For most financial institutions, the answer is unclear. A crisis in consumer confidence, new and complex products and services, and a focus on short-term results have given many banks a weak understanding of their customers’ needs and circumstances. And with detailed information so easily available through digital channels, today’s customers are better informed, shop more opportunistically and visit branches less often.

To improve performance, financial services organizations must regain their customers’ confidence and loyalty.

Strengthen your Customer Relationships

Capgemini’s Triveo® is a unique approach and tool which helps advisors gather insights into their customers so they can add value to the relationship. Triveo helps bankers become active partners with customers by:
  • Examining every aspect of the customer’s financial circumstances
  • Generating a visual representation of the customer’s assets and goals
  • Identifying areas of potential for each client
  • Presenting appropriate products and services
  • Organizing follow-up meetings
Triveo brings your customers to the center of your sales process. Together with your agents, customers can create a comprehensive and personalized solution based on a shared vision of the future.

Strong Foundations for Future Growth

In use for over six years by banks and insurers across the globe, Triveo is a proven solution that brings reliable results. At a major French retail bank, over 10,000 agents use Triveo to increase multi-selling in advisor meetings, achieve a higher level of new meetings with customers, and improve customer insight and longevity in customer relationships.
To find out how Triveo can enhance your business, contact Francis Joigneau today.
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