BPM Trends Series

Business agility, customer centricity, case management, compliance, and operational efficiency – our BPM Trends Series provides a unique perspective on today’s most pressing business challenges. We explore how they can be resolved using the latest BPM tools, methodologies and thinking.

This month's installment

BPR 2.0: Mastering Business Agility

Organizations are shifting from linear processes to complex federated value networks in a bid to stay agile.  But a new approach to business and technology is needed so that organizations can deliver today and provide a foundation for tomorrow.  That approach is BPR 2.0

Previous BPM trend issues


The New Future of Compliance and BPM

By tackling Compliance via BPM you can make it easier to respond to regulatory change and  improve processes in other ways at the same time.


Case Management: Managing chaos – unstructured processes and dynamic BPM

Organizations need to deal with unstructured processes more and more which ordinary BPM solutions cannot manage. Find out how developing Case Management around a BPM solution overcomes this challenge.


Aligning Business Process Management and Business Intelligence to Achieve Business Process Excellence

Businesses need to be as efficient as possible to make the smartest decisions. BPM on its own is not enough because you cannot see the dynamic context of processes. To succeed, think to combine BI and BPM – a combination that creates Operational Intelligence.


Harnessing the Power of the Social Conversation

Five steps on how you can take advantage of social insight and turn it into actions that work for your organization’s objectives.

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