Cars Online 11/12: Changing Dynamics Drive New Developments

Capgemini’s 13th annual global automotive study highlights increasing demand for online vehicles, green vehicles and mobility alternatives as the automotive industry shifts toward stability and growth.

The dynamics of consumer vehicle buying behavior are changing rapidly, driving new developments in technology and business models.

From new channels such as smartphone apps and social media, to industry trends including electric vehicles and online buying, Capgemini's Cars Online 11/12 study considers the impact of new developments in the automotive industry.

Involving over 8,000 consumers in 8 countries (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, the UK and the US), the study identifies a number of key findings.

Highlights of the Study

  • Use of the Internet during the vehicle buying process and ownership lifecycle continues to evolve, with customer behavior adapting to new technologies
  • Social media is becoming more influential in vehicle buying decisions
  • Smartphone applications represent an emerging channel for customer interaction throughout the buying and ownership lifecycle
  • Aftersales servicing is a growing factor in consumers’ choice of vehicle and can be key to vehicle sales
  • Increasing demand for alternative buying models reflects a growing shift from products to services and from traditional vehicle ownership to “power by the hour”
  • Demand for new vehicles rather than used has edged upward in mature markets
  • Consumers in developing markets have become more demanding about both the quality and quantity of car dealerships
  • The vehicle buying cycle continues to shrink, especially when it comes to showroom visits

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