Ernesto Gonzalo

Ernesto Gonzalo
Experto enUX Researcher, Interface Designer & IA Consultant

I am able to work and manage clients and teams with empathy, maintaining clear goals and the art direction towards its implementation. I have knowledge of online and corporate communication, newsletter, banners advertising, ebooks, jQuery, branding, flyers and online presentations. Multimedia editing in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere, After Effects and Audacity. I consider myself a versatile designer, responsible and committed, with great capacity to adapt my work to dierent environments.

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Mi experiencia

  • Head of User Experience Design & IA Consultant
    @ Capgemini
    En Septiembre 2016
  • Senior UIX Web Designer
    @ Leisure, Travel & Tourism
    De Febrero 2012 a Febrero 2012
  • Graphic Designer
    @ Internet
    De Diciembre 2011 a Diciembre 2011
  • Script - Making of
    @ Film
    De Julio 2012 a Julio 2012
  • Online and Corporate Communication
    @ Telecommunications
    De Febrero 2009 a Febrero 2009
  • Graphic Designer
    @ Film Production Company
    De Febrero 2010 a Febrero 2010
  • Head of Production
    @ Freelance
    De Enero 2007 a Enero 2007

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