Windows 8 Optimization

Microsoft Windows 8 helps you better manage the complexity of your IT infrastructure. However, migrating to its platform can be costly and complicated. We helps businesses migrate to Microsoft Windows 8 and optimize infrastructure use while reducing total ownership costs.

Giving You the Tools to Optimize Desktops

We understand that minimizing costs and avoiding major disruptions to productivity are most important when migrating to Windows 8. Therefore, we use the Microsoft’s Application Compatibility Toolkit to collaborate with your in-house development teams, test third-party products and customize desktop application codes.

Our testing process includes four steps to ensure a smooth transition to Windows 8:

  • Collect to determine in-use applications
  • Organize to identify highest-priority and greatest compatibility risk applications
  • Analyze to test applications on Windows 8 and target compatibility issues
  • Mitigate to create and deploy remediation fixes or use bridging technologies and virtualization, as necessary

Once application remediation and deployment is complete, we continue providing management and administrative support to the deployed number of desktop, mobile devices and servers. Given that not all users need the same level of support, we tailor these services based on your immediate needs and business objectives.

Ensuring Productivity and Hassle-free Migration

The Windows 8 Optimization is designed to make your Windows 8 migration as smooth as possible. To achieve this, we provide:

  • Migration and testing for third-party products and custom desktop application code to ensure that third-party applications are able to run successfully on Windows 8
  • Managed services that reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  to run the service profitably yet at a cost that is attractive to any environment
  • A proven security approach that leverages Windows 8 features to  guard against desktop, mobile devices and server security challenges
  • Branch optimization that designs and deploys standard branch office infrastructure architecture along with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server
  • New custom workloads combine improved Windows 8 usability and interface features with secure, reliable access to enterprise information and applications to provide new, flexible and powerful applications

Our Investment in Innovative Technology

Capgemini and Microsoft have almost over ten years of collaborative experience in helping businesses get the most out of their IT infrastructures. We have combined our extensive consulting experience with Microsoft’s innovative technology to support many clients across several industry sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, utilities and public services.

We have the tools and experience to deliver flexible configurations, provide offline access to data and applications and enable your employees to customize their PC environment.

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